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Welcome to Mindfulness for Changemakers

Exploring the power of
as a Driving Force for Positive Change

The Mindfulness for Changemakers (MFC) community is an ongoing series, exploring the transformative power of mindfulness in driving positive change. Together we are learning and practising essential tools and skills tailored for changemakers, enhancing our community’s leadership skills through the lens of mindfulness.

Discover stress management techniques, resilience building, and self-care practices to prevent burnout. Develop emotional intelligence, focus, and productivity. Cultivate mindful communication, collaboration, and mindful decision-making to inspire and empower others.


The MFC community hosts transformative sessions with changemakers from diverse fields. Together we explore the profound impact of mindfulness on changemaker leadership, and connect with mission-driven leaders committed to positive change across the world.


Interactive Sessions

Foster meaningful connections and collaborations, discussing topics relevant to changemaker leadership

Meditation & Mindfulness

Learn practical techniques tailored for changemakers, empowering focus and wellbeing

Global Changemakers

Expand your professional network, connecting with change makers from diverse backgrounds

Ongoing Support

Join a supportive community, integrating mindfulness practices into daily life and change making endeavor


Experienced changemakers passionate about driving positive change, and interested in exploring mindfulness and meditation are welcome to join.

We define a changemaker as an individual who actively seeks to create positive and impactful change in their community, or the world at large.

Changemakers often have a big heart, the courage to seek the truth within themselves, and a shared vision of building a kinder world. If you're still reading this, you're in the right place!


Session Frequency
Every other Thursday
45 minutes - with an optional 15 minutes to hang out and connect at the end
9am ET
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MFC is a community of practice, stewarded by the Integral Impact Institute and Alive & Thriving.

It came out of a deep desire to support changemakers to thrive while engaging in their changemaking.

Having burned out ourselves and seen the damage that this does not just to changemakers, but to entire systems, our wish is that changemakers everywhere have access to the tools, practices, and mindsets that can support them as they support others.