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Synergising teams to move beyond consensus

Catalysing organisations to scale social impact

Connecting ecosystems to co-create the future

Stewarding systems-change for collective thriving

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Thrive in complexity

The Integral Impact Institute (III) is a social enterprise founded on more than 20 years of experience building and leading award winning social enterprises, SMEs, and nonprofits in Europe, the US and the MENA region.

III supports leaders, changemakers and high-impact organisations to thrive in the midst of complexity.

We operate at the nexus of systems change, wellbeing, navigating uncertainty and positive social impact.

Our services include coaching leaders and their teams, coaching social entrepreneurs in social impact, creating bespoke programmes for impact focused multinationals and INGOs, and working with systems leaders to shift entire systems.

We invite our clients into a deeper understanding of themselves, the contexts they operate in and what thriving in a VUCAVolatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world looks like. By working through systems leaders and changemakers, III scales positive social impact, exponentially.

The combination of deep interpersonal work with leaders, and broad systemic impact across ecosystems is part of III’s theory of change: By working on our inner worlds and collaborating radically in our outer worlds, collective wellbeing is not only possible, it is inevitable.


  • Getting distracted and pulled in too many directions when trying to balance creating an exciting future, whilst maximising results today
  • Email overload and inability to prioritise and delegate effectively
  • Inability to hold multiple, diverse perspectives
  • Lack of skill in conflict resolution
  • Capacity to develop next generation leaders
  • Nurturing an inclusive and engaging company culture
  • Motivating a highly dispersed workforce with diverse needs
  • Lack of outside advice on leadership skills
  • Lack of structures to provide outside accountability
  • Taking a stand on pressing social issues
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Bridging remote working with in-company time


Overwhelm & Burnout

Lack of skill in creating safe and supportive environments

Inability to identify blind spots

Lack of support in addressing Big Picture problems

Today’s leaders and changemakers face a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, as the pandemic has made even more clear over the past two years. In the face of navigating this kind of complexity, leaders all too often experience constant frustration, high-levels of stress, and repetitive burnout, and because of this, declining effectiveness and satisfaction in producing the outcomes they care about.

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Coaching: Multi-disciplinary coaching for Leaders, Changemakers, Creatives and their teams


Gain awareness on how to become a more inspirational, impactful leader with strong communication skills and the ability to manage and collaborate with your teams.


Improve your performance and your organisation’s performance as a whole. This includes the coach serving as a neutral sounding board, giving you a listening ear when you’re working through decisions, or seeking personal improvement by supporting you to gain more awareness about how to reach your goals.


Achieve long-term excellence, be self-correcting and self-generating through an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life.


Connect to your inner knowing in a concrete way. Unlock your full potential in a somatic practice that can support you in integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain, with the felt-sense in the body.

Nervous System

Learn to work with your nervous system to avoid being triggered and to consciously come back to a state of calm


Add new knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Broaden your functionality, to help you be able to do more..


Enhance your ability to make meaning of the world in more cognitively and emotionally sophisticated ways. Process your world in a way that allows you to operate more effectively, whilst being well.


Find your path to becoming the best version of yourself - accompanied by a compassionate presence (your coach) dedicated to supporting you to successfully work through everything that life throws at you.

Our coaching weaves together various methodologies in a dynamic, evolving process that supports leaders in embodying a greater capacity to thrive in the midst of complexity, be resilient in the midst of change, lead with integrity and show up as the best version of themselves for their teams and organisations.

III’s approach blends neuroscience, introspective practices, and action-learning to foster long-term excellence, the ability to self-correct and to be self-generating.

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“Working with Adam was a gift that opened up new perspectives and routines for me. He is very knowledgeable, skilled and has a great presence as a coach. I genuinely felt heard and seen in our sessions, and looked forward to them. His mastery of the theories, approaches and authors of this field appealed to me as someone who tends to overthink and be stuck in my head. Once all the theory was covered, he was able to guide me into being and feeling more centred and balanced in my body and not just in my mind.” - Karina Shalaby, Program Manager, US Institute of Peace.

“Working with Adam was a special experience that I am fortunate to have had. Our sessions were an opportunity for me to unplug from my daily routine and look at myself through a more objective lens - this was often challenging, but always rewarding. Adam's extensive knowledge and resourcefulness helped me to take note of how I am affected by the elements of my world, leaving me with a greater sense of self-awareness. His wisdom, kindness, and profound empathy allow for a great sense of comfort in his presence, making him the perfect guide for a deep-dive into oneself.” - David Bernstein, Changemaker, Ashoka - Innovators for the Public

“If you have tried various popular approaches to resolve a nagging issue or to simply make your life a little easier, but failed to see much improvements, coaching is for you. There are literally hundreds of ways to resolve difficult emotional states, but it's overwhelming to try navigating them on your own. A 12-week coaching program allowed me to acquire a set of custom-tailored tools I can use every day; it created an easy to follow structure I can rely on to restart my practices after an inevitable lag; it gave me faith that it’s possible to be happier.” - Liliya Dvornichenko, Programmer, Ukraine.

“Integral coaching with Adam has allowed me to see and change patterns that more than 30 years of therapy didn't address. Over the course of our engagement I have stepped back into my power. I now have more clients than ever before, and I have seen radical changes in my personal life that genuinely make me happy. I am so grateful for the changes that coaching with Adam has supported me in making!” - Ilene Leff, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Ashoka.


Social Impact Coaching

Whether you are a budding social entrepreneur, a seasoned social business, or a systems-level nonprofit shifting paradigms, our social impact coaching will support you to build, grow and scale high-impact initiatives. Based on decades of experience building award-winning initiatives, we use industry best-practices for social business modelling, impact monitoring & evaluation, and social impact frameworks. With experience launching, growing and scaling social enterprises in some of the most challenging conditions, we know just what it takes to make change happen - whatever the constraints.

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“Passion and vision are foundational elements for creating change, but without a solid strategy, the most brilliant ideas likely remain just an idea. Having a change-maker like Adam on our team has helped us get our big ideas and grand vision off the ground and provided an empowering framework for various stages of launch and growth planning, allowing us to focus confidently on the necessary tasks and relationships needed to support each step along the way. Adam’s knowledge and experience is unparalleled. His pleasant and friendly demeanour made him a natural fit to work with. We look forward to continuing to access Adam’s support and guidance as we grow and develop socially impactful and innovative projects.” - Mitch Abrams, B.Sc., MD, FRCPC, HMT - Founder, CEO. Jody Bresgi B.A (Hons), MBA, CNP - COO, NexGenHealth Ltd.

“I’ve known Adam since 2019, first as a colleague at Ashoka and now as my integral coach. Our sessions have been invaluable to me as an entrepreneur focused on creating system change at the intersection of food, health, and agriculture. We’ve moved seamlessly from figuring out how to appropriately define and measure impacts at my social enterprise to discussing the optimal structure and scope for a new impact program.

The value that Adam offers with his wisdom and empathy became more pronounced when I hit a rough patch on the wellness front. He was considerate about modifying our schedule and provided a safe space for me to talk about my struggles. More importantly, he helped me identify and establish simple yet effective practices to cater to my daily well-being and expand my capacity to deliver on the business front. I look forward to more sessions with Adam and growing as a well-centered impact entrepreneur.” - Rebecca Bakare, founder & CEO, Mama’s Creation Foods, North America and South Africa.



Catalysing teams within some of the most influential organisations - to become engaged changemakers within their organisations and beyond


Taking executives through integrated leadership journeys to transform leadership teams and exponentially multiply organisational impact


Designing and implementing Human Centred Design processes to create a more inclusive labour market in Egypt, with the Ministry of Labour


Creating a Social Innovation toolkit for the German Development Cooperation, GIZ


Using Indigenous social systems to change the waste management system in the Gili Islands


Creating regional innovation networks to address local employment in Indonesia


Co-designing and implementing an accelerator for sustainable tourism for a Fortune 500 company, awarding more than $4 million in grants


Launching a TweetStorm from the White House to engage a global community of innovators for last-mile access


Designing and implementing a retreat for UN Volunteers during the Arab Spring

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Bespoke High-Impact programmes for multinationals, INGOs, & Social Enterprises:

We live in an age of unprecedented mindset change - with consumers and businesses increasingly focused on the positive social impact they can create through their passive and active engagements. Similarly, our global economy reflects this shift towards values-driven interventions. III has over two decades of experience in designing high-impact programmes for multinationals, international nonprofits and leading social enterprises. We custom design programmes, and build tailored teams that can meet the specific needs of our clients.

“Adam is a social innovation mastermind. He is not only one of the most knowledgeable people I know in this field, he also is one the absolute best at creating synergy in groups of people so that they produce their best. I've had the pleasure to work with him and hope to collaborate much more in the future.” - Ronald Lenz, Director, The Human Cities Coalition

“We invited Adam to be part of the team that designed and facilitated Class 1 (Creative Leadership + Design + Innovation) of i2Co School of Transformative Leadership based in Mexico City. Our challenge was to design a program to empower and enable leaders from different backgrounds (through a set of different tools of social innovation and human centred design) to creatively solve complex challenges in their own lives, businesses, organisations and politics. During 4 intense days, Adam co-facilitated different sessions with great energy, flexibility and strong passion, it was incredible working with him. He successfully managed all kinds of situations and challenges, always finding the best possible answers and contributing to the best possible outcomes. His level of competence is outstanding, his contribution to the program was exceptional. We really enjoyed working with Adam and we are proud that 4 projects emerged from Class 1. We are looking forward to defining next steps and future projects where Adam will play a key role. We thank Adam for being part of i2Co´s Faculty as we are determined to become a major force in reshaping the future of Mexican politics and public innovation.” - Armando Regil, Founder, i2Co - School of Transformative Leadership


Ecosystem Building & Systems Change Support:

Ecosystem building and systems change initiatives require a unique set of skills. Leadership at this level is not just relational - it is relationship. From launching global ecosystem movements to connect innovation hubs, coworking spaces and makerspaces around shared sustainability; to stewarding networks of green technology innovation hubs across regions, III has the experience and expertise to support systems leaders, systems change initiatives and entire ecosystems in creating positive social change, together.

Click here to find out more about the work we’ve done, and how we can support your work today:

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“Adam is one of the most creative, multi-talented change-makers I've met. Not only is he intelligent and quick-witted, but he is also empathetic, driven, adaptable, and persistent. He definitely has a talent for making something out of nothing, and leveraging opportunities to turbocharge an initiative or get a process back on track. For example, while co-organizing a workshop on hub sustainability last year, Adam hosted, designed content, facilitated, hired extraordinary on-the-ground resources for logistics coordination, and contributed to funder and budget management. But perhaps more importantly, he invested nearly two years before the event having conversations with me and others to breathe life into the hub sustainability (hub-in-a-box) concept until it finally became a reality. Bottom line: you know when you meet someone who makes "changing the world" seem like an achievable goal. Adam is one of those people.” - Tayo Akinyemi, Director, AfriLabs

“Adam was brought on-board as a strategic advisor for a significant public / private innovation ecosystem project aimed at tackling a series of key socio-economic challenges in South Africa. His insights around capacity building, up-skilling, and how to create optimal conditions for social innovation to flourish have been strongly welcomed by both our team and our clients. I recommend Adam without any reservation whatsoever. Devastatingly effective.” - Scott Walker, Partner, Matter Innovation (UK)


III supports building tangible skills at the cutting edge of leadership development, social impact scaling, high-impact changemaking programmes, and ecosystem building.

Our evidence-based approach starts with supporting leaders and changemakers in getting to authentically know themselves - and sense into what they are capable of becoming.

From this place, Integrated Leaders are able to steward their organisations and shape the ecosystems they operate in with clarity, creativity and coherence.

Our services are designed to support individuals, teams, organisations and entire ecosystems in both vertical and horizontal development.


Addresses building skills, like time-management and delegation. Skills that are critical to efficiency and productivity.


Addresses how we show up in the world, focusing on our capacity to continue to grow and develop in ways that support ourselves and those around us.

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